Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto

Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto

Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto

Without a doubt all of you are familiar with the popular Naruto anime and manga series. Originally from Japan, the characters and story have become popular throughout the world and numerous games have been created from these characters. Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto is one example of such a game. It is similar to other side-view hack and slash games like DOT Arena (review coming soon!), the games usually feature pretty simple but addicting, gameplay and attractive graphics.

Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto is no different! With a fun level up system that encourages customization and a “just one more” play mentality, the game is likely to be very addicting. For kids, the game has cartoonish violence similar to the show, but less than the manga, so if your child is old enough to watch the show they should be fine to play the game. There are in game “top ups” that can be bought and while not necessary to enjoy the game, they are always a nuisance if your child cannot be trusted to not download them. It is also worth noting that several users of the Google Play store have noted repeated issues with the purchase of these in game “top ups”. Just one thing to watch for.

Another note is that the game is still undergoing polishing. There are several bugs that impact the smoothness of play, but hopefully these will be ironed out in another update or two. While not unusual in this day in age, one would certainly hope that game publishers would ensure that their games are well polished before releasing them.

In sum, the game is quite fun, and despite the simple genre offers a good amount of customization and replay-ability. Children who get this game are likely to devote a large amount of their time into it, so be sure to watch the amount of time they spend playing it! For fans of the show, a must have!

You can download it for Android for free

HERE for Android.

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All Ages (Simple and addictive meets customization)

Educational Value: * (does require some thinking)

Violence Level: Mild (Cartoon-violence)

Fun Factor: *** (Fans of the series will love it, otherwise…)

Value: **** (The level of customization for the cost is great!)

Top Eleven

Top Eleven

Top Eleven – iOS


Top Eleven is a popular soccer/football management game. In fact, it claims to be the most popular mobile soccer management game ever! As most of us know, these sort of games can be incredibly fun. For younger children however, is this a worthwhile download? We examine!

The game is not quite as indepth as other management games, probably slimmed down for the mobile platform, but still offers a lot of depth. Due to this, it has a little bit more accessibility for younger kids than other similar games. However, it is still quite complicated, enough that most kids not in their teens will probably lose interest. For kids in their teens, the large amount of customization will be an attractive feature. From the colors of the kits to an indepth trade and training system, there are a lot of options to make the team you manage really unique.

As one would expect there is no graphic violence or sexual imagery,  so those concerned with this can rest easy. Micro-transactions, or spending money in the game, is not necessary to enjoy the game. Those who do choose to spend also do not have a significant advantage over those who do. This is great so your kids will not be bothering you to spend money in the game because they are losing to other users who do spend money.

However, as it does have a large multiplayer feature, there is a risk that some users may use inappropriate language. Much of this is censored out, but it still is one thing for parents to think about. However, given that extremely young children will not be attracted to this sort of game the risk is not as large as other games.

In summary, Top Eleven is a immersive, deep, and fun game for teens and adults. I would highly recommend the download if your child is interested in soccer games.

Download it for iOS free HERE! *Every download supports this site, thanks for reading and your support!

Recommendation: Ages 13+ (a bit complicated)

Educational Value: ** (Strategic thinking but not better than attending class!)

Violence Level: NONE (no hooligans in this game!)

Fun Factor: **** (If you can handle the complexity it is a deep game)

Value: ***** (many feature for customization)


Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings


Clash of Kings is a real time strategy game for Android where you battle to build an empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms. At first glance, it seems similar to other  PVP or multiplayer online games where you are focused on  base building and defending your land against other players. The content itself isn’t as original as you would expect since there are many similar games where you build an empire.

However, the game itself is surprisingly fun. Who knew conquering another castle and expanding your kingdom could be so entertaining? Some precautions for this app. The game does have some suggestive content, so this game will be inappropriate for kids under 16. All in all, android has an interesting new addition to its vast list of mobile games. Is it mind numbingly addictively fun? Probably not, but I thin anyone who likes multiplayer strategy games might find it entertaining.

If your kid loves puzzle games, this in-app purchase free game could probably be a safer choice for your kid. You can take a look at the game HERE.

Recommendation: Ages 16+ (has suggestive content)

Educational Value: *** (Strategic thinking not like chess though)

Violence Level: *** (to create an empire users must conquer another one!)

Fun Factor: *** (Creating an empire is entertaining but gameplay is nothing new)

Value: *** (moderate replayability)

Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania


After I quit playing Candy Crush Saga I’ve been looking for some alternatives which are as fun as Candy Crush Saga or even more exciting adn addicting. So I’ve tried similar matching games like Jewel Mania but what attracted me the most was a recent game called Candy Blast Mania. As this game is popular with both children and adults, it is worthwhile to review it due to its popularity and it is only a matter of time before it becomes the next big hit among gamers.

So, what do I like about this game and is it worth the download?

First, it is way easier to level up than Candy Crush Saga. They have kind of user-friendly tutorials for the first few rounds for you to clearly understand their rules. Still it could be challenging as you need to meet some specific goal within a limited number of moves. For children, this is likely to keep them challenged and entertained enough to continually play the game. For parents, the game is addictive enough that you will likely sneak a chance to play it at work!

Second, there is no need to connect to Facebook. So you won’t get any annoying “Send me lives” requests. Of course you still need to wait for your life to be replenished once you run out. But you don’t really need any help from your friends (and you won’t get any help from them neither) or you don’t even need to pay for it, which is a big plus for this app. Microtransactions are therefore not a critical part of the game and it can be enjoyed largely without them,

There are not so many drawbacks about the game itself. The colors are bright and attractive and the sound effects add an extra dimension to the game. In total, there is not much to detract from the nature of the game itself.

If your kid loves puzzle games, this in-app purchase free game could probably be a safer choice for your kid. The side bonues is that you will also enjoy playing the game as much as them! You can take a look at the game HERE.

Recommendation: Ages 8+

Educational Value: **** (Requires logical thinking)

Violence Level: * (Basically nonexistant)

Fun Factor: **** (Has a level up system with a fun storyline)

Value: **** (High replayability)

Samsung KidsTime

Samsung KidsTime

Samsung KidsTime – Android


Samsung KidsTime is one of those apps that you wish you had as a child growing up and are grateful to have as a parent. At first glance, you can see that Samsung has partnered with Nickelodeon, which is a superstar in the children’s entertainment industry. That makes most parents think “great this is going to be at least entertaining for my kids”. You (as were we) surprised at the great content and features this app offers.

Samsung KidsTime allows parents to choose free or subscription service which determines the quantity of content from ebooks  to games that your child will have access to. With numerous games to play, your child will definitely not be bored, and, of course, the games are all educational. The books available also aren’t static like traditional books and have moving pictures that help keep your children immersed in reading the book.

Overall, the developers of Samsung KidsTime did well to add useful functions such as having a app lock so that children cannot leave the app to search the web. Parents can easily have an overview of what areas their child has studied whether it be math or social sciences, which gives parents an idea of what area their children are interested in or even need to work on a bit more. We can confidently say that you should give this mobile app a try.

You can download the app for your kids HERE.

Recommendation: All Ages

Educational Value: ***** (Learning can be fun!)

Violence Level: * (Children friendly)

Fun Factor: *** (Fun but educational games for children)

Value: **** (High replayability, but relies on subscription based service)

Galaxy Legend

Galaxy Legend

Galaxy Legend – iOS or Android


Galaxy Legend bills itself as a strategic RPG and promises hours of entertainment. To that end it is successful. In addition, the game itself is quite fun to play. A large amount of strategy is required and the graphics are sure to entertain and satisfy kids who play the game. The game is also friendly for most ages as there is little violence. However, the open chat means that occasionally inappropriate language might get through. To the developers credit, the game does a good job of censoring the majority of this language.

The educational value of the game is limited, but older kids (teens) are likely to benefit from the game as it encourages strategic thinking. In game purchases are pushed, although not obtrusively. Therefore, parents should still monitor when their kids play the game. In light of these comments we would recommend the game for all ages, only reminding parents to periodically monitor their children’s in game habits.

You can download the game for iOS HERE and for Android HERE.

Recommendation: 8+

Educational Value: *

Violence Level: *

Fun Factor: ****

Value: ****

Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age – iOS


This game has been getting a lot of attention with its advertisements on TV and seems similar to the popular Clash of Clans game. Given its popularity, we though it made sense to review the game. In our playthrough of the game we found that the game is quite complicated enough to make it unattractive to a majority of children. However, older children (13+) are likely to enjoy the game because of its detailed graphics and extensive gameplay options. However, parents of teens should be warned of the ease of “micro purchases” and unfiltered game chat. While these in game purchases are not necessary to play the game, it is likely that some children will beg for them to better compete in the game. Given these comments, we recommend the game to parents of responsible teens who can be trusted to not make micro purchases and are prepared to handle occasionally foul language. You can see the game HERE.

Recommendation: 13+

Educational Value: * (More fun than learning)

Violence Level: *** (Depictions of war, suggestive content)

Fun Factor: **** (Detailed, but mature, gameplay)

Value: *** (High replay-ability, but relies on in-app purchases)