Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto

Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto

Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto

Without a doubt all of you are familiar with the popular Naruto anime and manga series. Originally from Japan, the characters and story have become popular throughout the world and numerous games have been created from these characters. Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto is one example of such a game. It is similar to other side-view hack and slash games like DOT Arena (review coming soon!), the games usually feature pretty simple but addicting, gameplay and attractive graphics.

Ninja Arena: Battle of Naruto is no different! With a fun level up system that encourages customization and a “just one more” play mentality, the game is likely to be very addicting. For kids, the game has cartoonish violence similar to the show, but less than the manga, so if your child is old enough to watch the show they should be fine to play the game. There are in game “top ups” that can be bought and while not necessary to enjoy the game, they are always a nuisance if your child cannot be trusted to not download them. It is also worth noting that several users of the Google Play store have noted repeated issues with the purchase of these in game “top ups”. Just one thing to watch for.

Another note is that the game is still undergoing polishing. There are several bugs that impact the smoothness of play, but hopefully these will be ironed out in another update or two. While not unusual in this day in age, one would certainly hope that game publishers would ensure that their games are well polished before releasing them.

In sum, the game is quite fun, and despite the simple genre offers a good amount of customization and replay-ability. Children who get this game are likely to devote a large amount of their time into it, so be sure to watch the amount of time they spend playing it! For fans of the show, a must have!

You can download it for Android for free

HERE for Android.

*Every download supports this site, thanks for reading and your support!


All Ages (Simple and addictive meets customization)

Educational Value: * (does require some thinking)

Violence Level: Mild (Cartoon-violence)

Fun Factor: *** (Fans of the series will love it, otherwise…)

Value: **** (The level of customization for the cost is great!)


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