Panda Pop

Panda Pop


Panda Pop, doesn’t it sound so wonderfully cute? The name I believe speaks for itself if you are wondering if the game is appropriate for your kids, but since we at Mobile Apps for Kids want you the reader to have the best information to make informed decisions about what apps your children play, we of course couldn’t wait and tried the app for ourselves.  

So, besides the cute name what is Panda Pop? If you played a lot of puzzle type of games before the game play might seem familiar to you. Your goal is to match colored balls with the ones that are floating above you in a vaguely familiar setting that you might have seen in Kung-Fu Panda the movie. The background music takes you to ancient China with the traditional music matches the background images of old Chinese homes. Throughout the game, you won’t see any violence or bloody gore. This isn’t your Spartan Wars or any other type of diehard fighting or war game. This is an easy going puzzle game that a person of any age could enjoy. Of course, the game itself might be challenging for younger children (which in our opinion isn’t necessarily a bad thing).  

Besides, the suitability of the game for children. The game play though not unique is surprisingly addictive. Perhaps there is something about the human brain that loves to match colors and solve puzzles. Nevertheless, you will find yourself advancing from level to level without having known how many hours have passed. The possibility of you enjoying the game more than your children is great so beware for those with addictive personalities! As you continue to strategically match the colored balls and make your way through stages, you might wonder where this end? Well, this game has 250+ levels and variety of items for you to choose from so the game may seem endless for sure.  

Since, we are a big fan of child friendly games we definitely think this game is worth a try for anyone who is interested in solving puzzles on their mobile phones. It’s challenging enough for you to be stretched but not so much where you will start getting a headache. Since there are so many various levels and items, we can definitely say that this game has a high replay value. Considering that it’s free, its even more worth it to give it a try. One caveat though, if you have Facebook on your phone, your child may be able to connect the game to your Facebook account. So, do be aware that connecting the app to your Facebook is a possibility.  

All in all, we can be confident that you will enjoy this game even if it is to just pass the time and give this game a pass for being safe your children to play as well.  

Download it for Android free HERE!  *Every download supports this site, thanks for reading and your support!


All Ages (may be challenging for younger children)

Educational Value: ** (does require some thinking)

Violence Level: NONE (only popping bubbles in this game!)

Fun Factor: *** (If you like puzzle games)

Value: **** (many levels, items there )


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