Top Eleven

Top Eleven

Top Eleven – iOS


Top Eleven is a popular soccer/football management game. In fact, it claims to be the most popular mobile soccer management game ever! As most of us know, these sort of games can be incredibly fun. For younger children however, is this a worthwhile download? We examine!

The game is not quite as indepth as other management games, probably slimmed down for the mobile platform, but still offers a lot of depth. Due to this, it has a little bit more accessibility for younger kids than other similar games. However, it is still quite complicated, enough that most kids not in their teens will probably lose interest. For kids in their teens, the large amount of customization will be an attractive feature. From the colors of the kits to an indepth trade and training system, there are a lot of options to make the team you manage really unique.

As one would expect there is no graphic violence or sexual imagery,  so those concerned with this can rest easy. Micro-transactions, or spending money in the game, is not necessary to enjoy the game. Those who do choose to spend also do not have a significant advantage over those who do. This is great so your kids will not be bothering you to spend money in the game because they are losing to other users who do spend money.

However, as it does have a large multiplayer feature, there is a risk that some users may use inappropriate language. Much of this is censored out, but it still is one thing for parents to think about. However, given that extremely young children will not be attracted to this sort of game the risk is not as large as other games.

In summary, Top Eleven is a immersive, deep, and fun game for teens and adults. I would highly recommend the download if your child is interested in soccer games.

Download it for iOS free HERE! *Every download supports this site, thanks for reading and your support!

Recommendation: Ages 13+ (a bit complicated)

Educational Value: ** (Strategic thinking but not better than attending class!)

Violence Level: NONE (no hooligans in this game!)

Fun Factor: **** (If you can handle the complexity it is a deep game)

Value: ***** (many feature for customization)



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