Samsung KidsTime

Samsung KidsTime

Samsung KidsTime – Android


Samsung KidsTime is one of those apps that you wish you had as a child growing up and are grateful to have as a parent. At first glance, you can see that Samsung has partnered with Nickelodeon, which is a superstar in the children’s entertainment industry. That makes most parents think “great this is going to be at least entertaining for my kids”. You (as were we) surprised at the great content and features this app offers.

Samsung KidsTime allows parents to choose free or subscription service which determines the quantity of content from ebooks  to games that your child will have access to. With numerous games to play, your child will definitely not be bored, and, of course, the games are all educational. The books available also aren’t static like traditional books and have moving pictures that help keep your children immersed in reading the book.

Overall, the developers of Samsung KidsTime did well to add useful functions such as having a app lock so that children cannot leave the app to search the web. Parents can easily have an overview of what areas their child has studied whether it be math or social sciences, which gives parents an idea of what area their children are interested in or even need to work on a bit more. We can confidently say that you should give this mobile app a try.

You can download the app for your kids HERE.

Recommendation: All Ages

Educational Value: ***** (Learning can be fun!)

Violence Level: * (Children friendly)

Fun Factor: *** (Fun but educational games for children)

Value: **** (High replayability, but relies on subscription based service)


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