Galaxy Legend

Galaxy Legend

Galaxy Legend – iOS or Android


Galaxy Legend bills itself as a strategic RPG and promises hours of entertainment. To that end it is successful. In addition, the game itself is quite fun to play. A large amount of strategy is required and the graphics are sure to entertain and satisfy kids who play the game. The game is also friendly for most ages as there is little violence. However, the open chat means that occasionally inappropriate language might get through. To the developers credit, the game does a good job of censoring the majority of this language.

The educational value of the game is limited, but older kids (teens) are likely to benefit from the game as it encourages strategic thinking. In game purchases are pushed, although not obtrusively. Therefore, parents should still monitor when their kids play the game. In light of these comments we would recommend the game for all ages, only reminding parents to periodically monitor their children’s in game habits.

You can download the game for iOS HERE and for Android HERE.

Recommendation: 8+

Educational Value: *

Violence Level: *

Fun Factor: ****

Value: ****


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