Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age – iOS


This game has been getting a lot of attention with its advertisements on TV and seems similar to the popular Clash of Clans game. Given its popularity, we though it made sense to review the game. In our playthrough of the game we found that the game is quite complicated enough to make it unattractive to a majority of children. However, older children (13+) are likely to enjoy the game because of its detailed graphics and extensive gameplay options. However, parents of teens should be warned of the ease of “micro purchases” and unfiltered game chat. While these in game purchases are not necessary to play the game, it is likely that some children will beg for them to better compete in the game. Given these comments, we recommend the game to parents of responsible teens who can be trusted to not make micro purchases and are prepared to handle occasionally foul language. You can see the game HERE.

Recommendation: 13+

Educational Value: * (More fun than learning)

Violence Level: *** (Depictions of war, suggestive content)

Fun Factor: **** (Detailed, but mature, gameplay)

Value: *** (High replay-ability, but relies on in-app purchases)



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